New year.... new blog.

Here I am again.  I won't mince words : 2005 was a cold bitch of a year.  Apart from the general and eternal struggle, I lost alot.  I lost John Loder, my friend/boss/mentor/business partner, the impact of which I can only just begin to understand, 5 months later.  I lost my cat, Pearl. And I lost The Beast, my 1973 Rover 3500 SD1.  Significant losses, all of them.  A car is less important than a pet or a best friend, but it was a special car, one that brought me great joy.  2006 ended with unanticipated tax bills wiping me out financially, just the kind of whipped cream and cherry that the year needed.I gained some ground in 2006 too, and  I don't want to appear too ungrateful, but the good and wonderful things I am holding close to my chest for now, so I can nurture them to the best of my pathetic abilities and share them with you all when the time is right.  Good things are all too rare in my life now and I need to be a bit selfish about them for now.  Sorry.

I am going to try to get back on track with some of my personal pursuits too ... things like writing, even the blog... and my photos and cooking, and just being a more fully rounded person again.  My energies have been focussed in one or two particular directions lately and I need to find more balance. Okay. That's all I can give.  Pinkie toe in the water and that.  Slowly slowly.