Who Is Savage Pink?

Sometimes, you just have to pee in the sink. - Charles Bukowski

About me:
Loud, smart, fast, greedy, generous, potty mouth, fun, tough.

A gypsy child raised by soul and bee-bop loving parents, I fought the Punk Wars and ended up with a day job. Now passionate about repetitive guitar riffs, deep southern soul, unhinged gospel, classic 70s rock, real country, and pretty much everything except jazz, which, given some informed guidance, I may yet warm to.

When not working or pretending to, I relentlessly search for the perfect pub; take people to the airport or train station; miss my beautiful cat who died recently; cry about the theft of my beautiful Rover SD1 3500 V8 (which was bankrupting me but love is blind); try to find new places to store books and cds and records and shoes; drive too fast;; laugh too loud; avoid bank statements; try to learn from my many mistakes; break or lose cameras; attempt, but mostly fail, to keep good friends close, emotionally and geographically speaking.

Having lived in Virginia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Staten Island, upstate New York, New Jersey, Philly, SF, and London, my accent tends to depend on who I am talking to.

You'll find me hanging out with:
People who should know better. Bounders, cads and misfits. Sharp wits, fast talkers and deep drinkers. Folk who know when it's their round. Those who know the secret places. Talented but tormented musicians. Failed poets with a peculiar turn of phrase. Anarchists and plotters. Purveyors and collectors of skin art. Shelby Mustang owners. Virginians. Women with big vocabularies. Tall people so I can wear high heels without feeling like a drag queen. People who fuck everything up royally like I do. .........