Name that punk

I am really astounded by the recent contributions to the American Punk/Hardcore Archive group that I started in Flickr.  I have a bunch of old photos that I wanted to show off, and I wanted to see what other people had.  It's focussed (roughly) on the period 1978-1991.  These were times before digital cameras and t'internet, not like now when you go to a show and there are forty people with cameras in the front row, and five people in the wings, capturing the action with a dvc.

The stuff that I personally love the most is not the band photos, but the crowd shots, and the portraits or snapshots of the people who made the scene.  Check out this shot of an unknown woman taken in Richmond Virginia in 1983/84.   What a great shot!  She's got amazing style.  That kind of classic US interpretation of punk - the fucked up mohawk, dog collar and funny shades.  She looks tough.  I would have wanted to be her friend.

The photographer, Thurston Howes, is trying to find out if anyone knows who she is.  She was probably traveling with the UK Subs or the Toy Dolls.  So if you know, click on the photo to go to the pool and reveal all, or contact Thurston.