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The Beast

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                                                                                            Yeah.  So, like I never finished the story about Cornwall and the Tapestry festival.  Sorry about that.  It did actually get better, and then it got worse.  And there were alot of cowboy shirts and boots and hats and some fires and some snogging and alot of cider and even some drugs though as far as I know no penetrative sex.  No...wait.... I tell a lie.   Maybe I'll tell the full story some day instead of just skimming the highlights.

The problem with writing this shit, and I have been actually ENCOURAGED to do so by some parties of late (so THERE!) is that I wake up in the morning full of beans and ideas and words and then I go to work, get my brain drained and by the time I roll in the house... I'm too exhausted to get all that grey stuff down on paper.

Must. Try. Harder.

Yeah, anyway, I am pretty bored with that whole Mysluts thing now.  I've made at least one really good friend out of it.... and that's about it so far.  I'm sure it's all my fault.  So for the time being I am adopting an alternate personality, Queen Of The Night.  That should scare all the creeps away and confuse and confound everyone else, right?  For those of you who are not familiar, The Queen Of The Night (baked clay relief from Iraq, c. 1800 BC) represents an ancient Mesopotamian goddess, possibly Ishtar, the goddess of sexual love and war, or maybe her sister Ereshkigal, who ruled the Underworld.  Some think she is Lilitu, the demon of the night, known in the Bible as Lilith.  She holds in her hands the rod and ring of justice.  She has wings and taloned feet and is flanked by two owls and two lions.  Yeah. 

So..the neverending saga of classic car ownership runs on and on.  The Beast has problems.  Overheating - although a blocked thermo seemed to be the cause, a new one ain't fixed it, so I'm looking for air locks now. The hydraulics are going and I'm going to need a new master cylinder & slave.  And the distributor is definitely shot -  we thought the new cap & rotor arm had sorted the problem but it's gone dickey again.  The frustrating thing is that she runs really well when she's nice and warmed up (and the distributor ain't making her stall and and the gears aren't sticking and the radiator ain't spewing boiling water at me).  Oh, I can hear you laugh.  It's funny... I am questioning my sanity.  But I'm also reckoning that I'm half way down the road and I've got to get to the bottom and see what's around the corner.  I desperately want The Beast to live.  I don't want to give up on her.  But I am beginning to wonder if it's remotely practical to keep a Rover V8 as a day-to-day car in a city like London.  And I don't reckon I can afford two cars.  A scooter maybe?  Nah, I hate The Who and I can't see myself in fish-tail parkas.  A motorbike?  Maybe...would need to learn to ride one properly and I'd probably hate it in this shitty British weather, and I'd probably get killed by a bus or something in London. 

Hmmmm.  But I can't possibly go back to some crappy but reliable car, can I?  Sigh....

Apart from all that fun...I've started a little revolution.  It's only small, and it probably means alot more to me than to anyone else at this stage...  but for the first time in well over a year I feel incredibly energised and excited and challenged by my work.  This deserves a full, clear-headed, morning rant... which I should be ready to give you soon.  Watch this space.

And I thank you. 

or, "Grrr! Scary Things!"

xx Queen Of The Night...

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