Little tents

Oh! Where has March gone? It has virtually flown by, hasn't it?  At the beginning of the month I made these lovely little tent blocks for Daisy and the Love Circle of Do. Good Stitches. Aren't they adorable?  Daisy asked us to use yellow, aqua/teal and navy to get the tents affect. 


Daisy gave us some basic instructions, but it did take some figuring out. I did some step-ny-step photos when I figured it out, but sadly, they were lost in the iPhone tragedy.  It's pretty simple really - you just start with a triangle and add two strips to either side. I then put the resulting "tent" on top of my background and cut one side, sewed it, and then cut and sewed the other.  With that high contrast fabric they are a bit hard to photograph, but I hope you get the idea.  I think this guy on the right is my favorite - I like the twinkling "stars" in the sky.

They will be off on their way to Daisy tomorrow and I look forward to seeing the quilt she makes. All of our quilts go to Wrap Them In Love and I'm sure this one will make someone a happy little camper!