Hot Sunday in the garden of paradise.

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On Sunday it was very hot and sunny in London, about 85F, and I had to wait for a friend arriving from the States. I sat in the scorching sun drinking rum smoothies. (Pineapple, coconut & banana juice, lots of ice, lots of rum, and a scoop of ice cream - whizz in the blender, pour over ice. Instant cool bliss.)

My friend's flight was delayed so by the time she got here I was a bit tipsy. Poor thing, while I was sitting getting tanned and tanked, she was having a transportation nightmare from Heathrow. The Express trains weren't running, so she had to get the Piccadilly line into town - all 400 stops. Half way there she got sick and threw up on the tube! Then she fell backwards down the escalator at Kings Cross. And then she was sick in the taxi. I put her to bed immediately.

Later we got up and went to see William Whitmore play in Brixton at the Windmill. I drank a bunch of cider and got drunk and belligerent. All my photos turned out crap.

I felt terrible this morning but a brunch at Banner's nearly sorted me out. Omlette with sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, and Banner's potatoes. It's good to feel human again.

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