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Oh dear oh dear. Funny how life really knows how to kick you when you're down. So god or goddess of eternal unhappiness is sat on a celestial mountain top somewhere, filing their nails and thinking to themselves, what does Allison really need right now?  How can I up the ante?  I know : a £5k tax bill should just about do the trick....

Oh flipping 'eck. What are you going to do? I am starting to feel like there is a mystical conspiracy to drive me out of the UK. It's like I'm in a huge garden maze and every path is a dead end, and the only exit drops off into a huge abyss.

Well, I just have to soldier on, I guess. So I wrote to teh tax office and explain that actually, I don't have that much spare change right now so would they just, err, like to get in line. Form an orderly queue. This is London, after all. No one is actually living within their means, are they?

Yeah so what else? Well, the thing with -C- went pretty much as expected. He accepted it, semi-graciously, which I'm really happy about. Okay well there;s 2% of me that wanted him to come to his senses and realise what an amazing, incredible catch I am and that to let me slip through his fingers will be the mistake he spends the rest of his days regretting.... but you know, I'm not and he won't. Let's be realistic here. I'm sad though, mourning the passing of some great physical interaction, and also the trust and confidence that was between us. I know we will still remain friends but I also know it will never quite be the same.

A good, dear dear friend, -J-, came around last night to console me in my time of financial and emotional depression. She was really wonderful, supportive and helpful. She even took notes and made me a "mind map" which is kind of scary, especially the bits added after the third bottle of wine, but you know... it might just come in handy. I really appreciate the company and the compassion. We ate a fabulous thai take-away from a new place called Lemongrass which will be getting many more of my quids in future. I didn't take any photos.