Burning my spinach this week

Nothing like a good ole public moan to clear the sinuses....things that are making me crazy this week.

  • Jerks on Facebook criticising Steve Ignorant for breathing.  Example: "£10 quid (for a book) + fares is a lot for some people to spend".  This is in response to a book signing that Steve did at Rough Trade East last night.  Steve paid his own petrol from Norfolk, parking, and paid John Robb's train fare (to interview him).  Cost to Steve £67.  Books sold by Rough Trade on the night = 20.  Profit to Steve from books sold (after distributor, Rough Trade's cut and cost of printing taken out) = £39.  And he gives half that to the bloke that helped him write it. Fuck you, jerks.
  • PRS digging up invoices that they agreed to credit 3 years ago and claiming that they were credited in error.  Seriously?  Are you that strapped for cash, or that short of real work to do?
  • Winter in London.  Fuck that shit.

Thanks for listening.