Training wheels

I am trying to find a better way to manage my blog.  Something that (a) won't take me too long to learn (because I have no time) (b) will allow me as much control over the look and content of the site (or at much as a relatively tech-stupid person should have) and will (c) encourage me to use it more.  That last bit is important because I feel like I need to exercise my brain a bit more in a non-work-related fashion.


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Where I am moving….

American Cities That Best Fit You:

65% Washington, DC
60% Atlanta
60% Chicago
60% Los Angeles
60% Philadelphia

Allolex made me do it. He threatened me with physical violence if I didn't. And then he threatened me with physical violence if I didn't change it to match my previous answers. He's kind of a bully really.  I tried to explain that, like, I'm a woman, okay?  And we are like, totally notorious for changing our minds.  Pffffft.


The Holy Grail!!!

  The Holy Grail!!! Originally uploaded by Vidalia.

Just because it made me smile. Check him out! Follow the photo link if you want to see a funny story by the guy that took this photo.  And while you are there, click on his "I Pity The Fool" photo set, a series of photos of him and his Mr T doll posing in different settings.